Exceed X-Ring Wavy Joint

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Leverandør: Exceed

Attaching the X-Ring assists in quick adjustments to the balance of your cue enabling you to enjoy the effortless feel and ease of swing. To impede any loosening of the joint system, the surface of the ring has been engraved with a unique laser processing method. The embossed Exceed logo on the X-Ring adds an elevated design to another stylish and functional Exceed accessory.


Weight & MaterialUJ-8g/Stainless Steel UJ-12g/Nickel Silver
WJ-8g/Stainless Steel WJ-13g/Nickel Silver
ContentsXBR-US : UJ-8g(0.28oz) ring, UJ-12g(0.42oz) ring, Protector
XBR-WS : WJ-8g(0.28oz) ring, WJ-13g(0.46oz) ring, Protector
(This set comes provided with a protector which prevents damage and any unwanted weathering.)
Item codeWavy : XJR-WS
United : XJR-US
WarningsOnly use these products for their intended purpose.
Please do not attach more than one ring to the joint.
Please ensure to clean the surface of both ring and joints, also ensure to have nothing obstructing the joints when attaching the ring.
After use, please remove and place in the holder or leave it on the butt joint with the joint protector for safe keeping.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.