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Tiger SNIPER Tip


Precision at its finest! The Sniper tip is designed to give maximum control, consistency and offer the least amount of deflection a soft-medium cue tip can offer. The VACULAM lamination process eliminates air between layers and within the leather. Along with our “APP” (advanced Pressurized Process), the Sniper is an adaptable tip for any player, game or style! Made from quality boar hide and treated slowly without any chemicals, this Tiger classic has become a household name and a favorite amongst players around the world.  


Hardness: Medium (3+)
Durometer (Type A): 95
Durometer (Type B/C): 73-76
Diameter: 14mm only

All genuine Tiger Sniper Cue tips will have the name, the year it’s made, Tiger logo and Made in USA. If it’s not on the back end of the tip, then it’s not a genuine Tiger tip.