Shipping Info


We ship to these countrys:
Skandinavia, England, Switzerland, EU, USA, Canada, Japan and more than 43 countrys.
We do not deliver to the Middle East, Russia, Indonesia, Africa and China.

We ship with

KBC ships with Bring to the world.

To the EU and Scandinavia we have BRING "Smal Envelope Traced" NOK 300,-. (26 Euro)
This is for everything that goes in your mailbox like tips, chalk, gloves etc.
For a cue ore bag to the EU we have "Bring Europa shipping". This is NOK 350,- (31 Euro)
This is shipped to your local Postoffice.

This is set prices on the Shipping page. You use these within the EU.

We have a new shipping deal to USA and Canada!

We now have 2 options:

  1. Traced shipping with tips, chalk, gloves and Magic Rack: 32 USD
  2. Cues and cue bags: 39 USD

Do you want us to use another alternative for faster delivery please give us a mail.
We have lots of people asking us to bay only one tip, and send it cheaper with Posten. 
We are sorry to say, this is not possible at the moment. We need to have every shipping traced, and no shipping company is offering this at the moment from Norway. 

DHL, Fedex and other companies are much more expensive, but we do deliver with them all if you want.

( We have to have every order traced to the States. This is for safety both for us and you)

We can deliver with Fedex, UPS and DHL.

Their prices are not set, but calculated to every customer. 
Where you live, what you order and how fast do you want us to deliver.

UPS are cheapest, but the prises for shipping have gone up immensely the last years. 

For a cue to be deliverd to Europe in two days: 

UPS and Fedex: Approximate 120 euro,

DHL is 230 Euro.

Pleace send us a email 

so we can calculate your shipping before you order. 

This only apply when you need it fast, shipped with FEDex, DHL ore UPS.

You get a separate link in the web shop for shipping with the correct price, or we can send you a separate shipping order after you have made your order.

Currency Converter

KBC is a Norwegian company, and we have AI doing the currency to DKK, EUR, GBP, SEK, every week. 
See top right corner. Here you have a flag and currency curtain!

Do you need to check a price closer ore have found a price AI is not translating?
Try this link:  Currency Converter

Just ask if you have a question!
We are here to help, and do not have a Chat robot working for us!

VAT and Customs fee

"Do I have to pay VAT when I live in Finland?"

KBC is a Norwegian company that ships goods to *almost the entire world.
Unfortunately, we cannot pay VAT to countries other than Norway, so you as a customer will be deducted for Norwegian VAT in our online shop. But you have to pay VAT in your country along whit a small fee that some countrys have, this service is called customs fee. Below I have attached an example that went to Denmark.

Here you can see that the customer has entered his Danish address, and Norwegian VAT has been deducted. (Bestilling ekskl. MVA)

When we send, the package goes through customs in your country.

Here, as a customer, you will receive your country's VAT plus customs fee,

from your customs. Note: Norway is outside of the EU. 

 Everyone must pay VAT. Regardless of which country you live in, however, it will vary.

Do you want to send us repairs?

We repair cues from all over the world.

Do you want to send us a repair outside Norway's borders? No problem. We deliver almost worldwide. If you are living outside of Norway, it is a good idea to fill out a Proforma Invoice. 

 Fill out a Proforma Invoice

 It is important that customs officials see it easily when they see your package. 

When you send us repairs from abroad.

Proforma Invoice

A short description of how to
fill in a Proforma Invoice yourself:

Private customer fills in "Sender": Your own info only with PRIVATE Customer at Org Vat.
Then you send us:
"KB Custom Cues, Roald Amundsensvei 31, 1654 Sellebakk. Norway. Phone +4791838529, Registration number NO 926448730 VAT

Total weight

Quantity is how many items you send to us and once again Net weight per item/cue.
 Tariff number for a cue is 95042000

Full description of what you are sending and the name of the country your cue originally comes from. Mess is Japan, Viking is the USA, Predator is China, etc.

Then comes an important thing that customs will be happy about: MARK clearly with "Temporary stay in Norway" and click off "For Repair" in "reason for export."
Sign and send to us. :-) If you are in doubt, just ask.
I will be happy to send you a Proforma copy that you can fill out.
All European countries have the same Proforma Invoice. Canada and USA must ask their local shipping company. Completion is the same, but not the form.
Kind Regards KBC, EXSPORT :-)


We really appreciate customers who send us repairs! Shipping companies are usually very good, but be CAREFUL and wrap extremely good. Preferably in a PVC pipe.
NOTE:  make the package square and you will avoid the "round" fee.

1. Place the entire tube in a square/triangular box.
2. Take a piece of cardboard around the middle and make a nice square surface with a lot of tape.
3. Wrap the entire PVC pipe in paper. (The wrapping paper from last year does the trick! Remember to turn the glossy side in.)
4. A square box well padded without PVC pipes.
4. The very best thing is to send your repair in a Pool CUE Bag. 

Do you want a CUE bag that you use to send us? The Cue bag Moon does the trick! You can buy it from us for ONLY NOK 299. This is also a smart purchase if you have bought an expensive cue from us. The best way to transport is in this cue bag!

Købak Moon

We do not accept replacements for products that are poorly packed and damaged on the way to us.


All work done in the workshop and in the web shop is paid for here on the online shop.
We accept all bank cards through Stripe, or installment payments through KLARNA. Their guidelines apply at all times. In the workshop, we have an Izettl payment terminal. Thats VISA.

To the world we have PAYPAL. Always comes in handy.
Note Customers in the States: You need to have international payment deal with your bank to use Visa/Stipe.
Just contact your bank ore us if you have enny problems in payment.

We also have Bank wire as an option. Please give us a mail if you want this option as PayPal can get pricy.

The difference here is that we send immediately with PayPal, and bank wire takes 4-6 days. We send when the money is confirmed in the Bank.

We are sorry to inform that we no longer use invoices with credit.
All orders must be payed before we ship.

We do not take cash from anyone under ANY circumstances. No Cash Company.