Trening sett CUE STROKE

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Treningssett CUE STROKE fra Pyramid


Why you have to use CueStroke:

How accurately your cue tip lands on the target point of ball without any distortion of stroke movement is the most important factor in billiard games. However players normally practice only with rough feeling to develop their accuracy level in stroke. Use this effective practicing tool for beginners, mania, and especially professional players to improve this accuracy, then you can locate your cue tip on the very spot where you first want to hit.

What is the "Cue Stroke" training aid :

On the two resilient transparent films, which have real billiard ball figures and coordinates in them, 21 numbers of hitting spots are marked. Try actual stroke practice as your cue tip passes two spots through two films. Or just stop your cue tip ahead of the second film (called Target Point) after the cue hits through the first hitting spot of the first film (called Cue Ball) You can practice three different shots, short,normal and long depending on stroke power. You can easily check whether your cue tip finds the targeted spot and stroke moves without any skewness. The location of your bridge would be about 80mm for Weak shot, 150mm for Normal shot, and 200mm for Strong shot, from the first film for each. You have to decide first hitting spot and landing point of your cue tip. For example when you try Center Shot your cue tip should pass through the center of cue ball and also stop at the center of next target point. In the case of Draw Shot cue tip should pass through low part of cue ball and stop at the low part of target point.